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BurnRight campaign launched

This campaign has the potential to change our industry, it needs to. The initial feedback has been excellent, in fact it’s unprecedented as it is already uniting sweeps and others from all parts of the solid fuel industry.

What is BurnRight?

As professional sweeps, we are all too aware of how incorrect appliance operation can not only tar up the chimney, the birdguard etc. but also heavily impact on the environment, causing unnecessary air pollution. For every gram of tar in the chimney there have been kilos of it going out the top!! In addition, it’s a waste of our customer’s money. The Government are reviewing their whole clean air strategy and domestic burning will be in the spotlight. We don’t know what might happen. That’s why we’ve decided to do something about it. We launched BurnRight at the Guild Exhibition in early March. It is a national consumer awareness campaign to help people understand how to use their stove properly. Wet wood can be an issue but the way the stove is controlled has a much larger impact. The campaign explains the benefits to us all. Chimney sweeps in particular are the only group with the opportunity and motivation to make a real difference. We visit each year, we know the stove and chimney, we see the fuel, how it’s stored and we see what comes down the chimney. We can ask questions and advise our customers. This job can only be done one customer at a time. If you are not working with your customer to improve their burning habits then no-one else is. The campaign is deliberately independent of any trade association or company. We are asking sweeps and others in the industry to spread the word to consumers. Poor stove operation and the effect on air quality is an industry wide problem and BurnRight is an industry wide solution.

What is on the BurnRight site?

There are two sets of information on the BurnRight site – Trade Information and consumer information. The Trade Information page password is burnright. It gives you a background to the whole issue, why it is important that you know what is happening, what you can do etc. There is a video presentation (soon to be updated). There are articles and documents to help you understand the problem as well as download press release templates to make it easy for you to spread the word and generate local publicity for your company. You can download the BurnRight logos from this section.

Consumer information pages are to the point and take your customer straight to the issues that matter. There is simple guidance for correct operation of their stove. There is also lots of excellent information on “Getting it right” video, wood as fuel, tools, top tips, FAQ’s etc. This information is all very accessible to the viewer and they can easily pick out what is relevant to them.

Why get involved?

Getting it right means your customer will:

• Save money
• Have a safer cleaner chimney
• Prolong the life of their chimney and stove
• Have a more enjoyable burning experience
• Create significantly less air pollution

If your customer gets it right then you will:

• Look more professional and be more appreciated
• Gain more repeat business
• Gain more referral business
• Have an easier job next year
• Save time explaining all the information again
• Add value to your service – charge more? Sell more?
• Have a direct effect on air quality where you live

What to do now

All stove users need the BurnRight information. Even if they are burning well there will be something for them so we need to get them to the site. You need to go to the Trade Information page and see the information for you there. The password is burnright –

• See the video presentation on the Trade Information page (this video was created before BurnRight and will be updated soon)
• Give your customer the simple BurnRight flyer, coming soon.
• Download the press release templates on the Trade Information page. Check out the handy Press release Guide to ensure your business gets the best from any coverage.
• Download the simple “Card Sheet” – cut it up and hand them out.
• When discussing stove control and wood burning with your customer, text or email them the link to the site. Get it up on their tablet.
• Link to pages on the BurnRight website from your own site e.g. Want them to know the benefits of a stove fan or moisture meter? Send them to the “Save Money” page
• Signpost your customers to the site in your emails / leaflets
• Download the BurnRight logos for your own use.
• The “BurnRight “We all breathe the same air” digital document can be viewed online or downloaded. It contains all the information in a single document.

This brochure is also available in a printed version for your customers who don’t use the internet.


We are producing inexpensive A5 flyers, available to you at cost. Give one to each customer during your visit. Along with your professional advice, this will be a great way to get people to the information on the BurnRight website.

We want your Blog

We’re also looking for sweeps to come forward with on-site cases of poor burning and perhaps what then happens when the customer gets it right. We will credit you if you want and use it on the Burn Right blog. Ideally, it’ll include photos and brief details of the situation. These can be emailed directly to The site is evolving and improving every week, what you see now is just the beginning. If you see anything which you feel could be amended or improved, please let us know.

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